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Wayne Mertins-Brown

One-to-one, Couples, and Group Counselling

Therapy Session

The power of psychotherapeutic counselling.

If you’re considering beginning counselling you may feel some resistance. You’re on the verge of making a life-changing and life-expanding decision so this is perfectly natural.

It may feel like you’re standing on a beach looking out at the vast sea. The ocean like an inviting yet also frightening and unexplored potential in your life.

You are tempted to walk in and swim with a sense of freedom, excitement and release. Yet, you feel reluctant to take those first steps towards the water, for fear of being swept off your feet and carried away by a tide you can’t control. Are you ready to take your first proactive strokes? 

Counselling allows you to embrace your anxieties, sense of loss and unexplored trauma and step toward an understanding of yourself that is deeper and more real. 

As a result, in time, you’ll be able to live with a greater connection to your inner power, ability and authentic self.

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