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The power of psychotherapeutic counselling

If you’re considering beginning counselling you may feel some resistance. You’re on the verge of making a life-changing and life-expanding decision so this is perfectly natural.

It may feel like you’re standing on a beach looking out at the vast sea. The ocean like an inviting yet also frightening and unexplored potential in your life.

You are tempted to walk in and swim with a sense of freedom, excitement and release. Yet, you feel reluctant to take those first steps towards the water, for fear of being swept off your feet and carried away by a tide you can’t control. Are you ready to take your first proactive strokes? 

Counselling allows you to embrace your anxieties, sense of loss and unexplored trauma and step toward an understanding of yourself that is deeper and more real. 

As a result, in time, you’ll be able to live with a greater connection to your inner power, ability and authentic self.


My Invitation to you

I invite you to trust in the process of talking therapy, with an appreciation that it may well be challenging at times (especially during the initial stages), but, it offers the possibility of immeasurable personal benefit.

That’s been my experience. And, having worked within the often high-pressure, corporate environment, learning to live fully and at ease with myself and the world around and about me, brought a sense of having obtained a new lease on life.  

I’m Wayne, a psychotherapeutic counsellor working in and around the London/Greater London area. I offer one-to-one and group counselling (in person, on the telephone or online).

I work with an integrative/holistic approach, including theoretical principles such as Psychodynamic, Humanistic/Spiritual and Cognitive. I also incorporate Eco-Psychotherapy, as I believe we are each emotionally and spiritually impacted by the ecological environments in which we live.

Areas of speciality

I specialise in matters of the heart relating to:

  • personal and/or sexual identity

  • difference and diversity

  • phobias

  • bereavement

  • loss

  • mental and sexual abuse

  • generalised anxiety disorder

  • depression

  • issues of low self esteem

  • relationship issues and work-related anxiety

  • stress and/or depression

However, despite all my years of training and experience, I believe what is absolutely fundamental to an individual’s personal improvement in therapy, is the open, honest, heart-to-heart connection and easy rapport created between me and my client.

That two-way ‘relational’ interaction is my focus; the place I believe from where beneficial, therapeutic and lasting change is triggered, takes hold and grows. It is my guiding principle in the way I choose to work.


With my warmest wishes for your ever brighter future, 


Wayne Mertins-Brown

To Get In Touch...

  • wayne@thecitycounsellor.com
  • 07803938423
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